English Night at the Observatory

Szeged Observatory proudly presents 2023’s first English night on the 24th of April at 7 pm when we will get an insight into what is science and what is fiction. 

Nowadays the palette of futuristic Hollywood production and sci-fi literature is widening faster than our imagination. This evening’s lecture will be dedicated to the astronomy and astronautical sci-fi masterpieces of the 21st century (Interstellar, Martian, Don’t Look Up, … just some examples) and their relevance in modern scientific research. 

After that – if we have clear weather conditions – we will roam the sky with our great 50 cm telescope, however, let there be clouds, rain or even snow we can tell all the tales of the constellations on our virtual tour between the stars, and also we collected some real cosmic pebble (meteorites) which all will be available for a closer look in our microscopes. 

The schedule: 

19:00 — Start

19:15 – 20:00 — Sci vs. Fi 

A public-outreach lecture about what we can learn from fantasy and what we can dream about by studying the Universe. 

20:15 — Constellation tour and observation with telescopes (only in case of clear sky) and parallel meteorite show. 

21:15 — Free Q&A section and more stargazing 

The night will be held in English language. Ticket price: 2000 HUF

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